So hello, my name’s Robert, and I am a geek by name and nature.

  The point of this website is to say what I think about stuff that is happening at the moment in the world of Film and TV Science Fiction.  (And also Radio.  Thanks to BBC Radio 4 Extra plus a couple of awesome independent production companies, I will also review Science Fiction radio.)
  What do I like?  Well, my tastes are actually very varied.  I love Doctor Who (old and new but with a slight emphasis on the old) and of course this is where the radio stuff comes into it, as a company called Big Finish are relentlessly producing quality Doctor Who radio plays (to the point where I am thinking of getting a second job just to pay for it all!)  In fact they don’t just produce Doctor Who, they do a massive range of great stuff now.  Check them out here.
  I also like Star Trek (although I have never watched Enterprise, not because I don’t like it, just never got around to it.  I own it on DVD and will probably end up replacing it on BluRay before I get around to watching it!)  Loved the new movies too, and as a result I am checking out some other JJ Abrams stuff, notably Lost and Fringe, but I have also been told that Alias is rather good do I may have a look at that eventually.
  I like Joss Whedon’s stuff (especially Buffyverse and Firefly) but his back luck with television almost made me give up on American television.
  In fact there’s loads of stuff I adore, and I am sure this will be revealed as I continue to write this.
  My pet hate is getting into a show only to have it get cancelled without a proper ending.  I have been stung by this so many times in the past that I no longer watch US shows unless I know they have a proper ending.  If I’m honest this is why I never watched Lost or Fringe – Lost got very close to being killed off half way through an Fringe nearly didn’t get it’s fifth and final season.  So in fact there is clearly a load of quality stuff out there that I am behind on watching, but this has turned me into an avid boxed set watcher.  I am current watching (and loving) Fringe and I am sure this will get a mention at some point on here in the future.
  I am very opinionated, and intend to say what I think.  My reactions will be honest and from the heart so if you are easily offended then this might not be for you.  If I think something is fucking awful, I will say so, not pussyfoot around saying that it’s not very good!
  There are two other points to this website.  I have many geek friends but thanks to real life and geography I don’t get to see them all that often.  So I would like to set up local groups so that we can find each other, meet,  watch movies, rave about what stuff we love and bitch about what’s not so good.  I am personally based in Northamptonshire and would be very interested in getting to meet fellow local geeks.  Of course there is no point in setting up a group in an area I don’t know so if you read this and would like to set something up in your area I can add it to the local groups tab a the top of the page.
  Finally, the other think I would love to do is podcasting.  There are some awesome fan produced podcasts out there, some expensive, some cheap, but all adding volumes to this amazing community.  My two favourites are Slice Of SciFi (a video podcast that has been going for years in one form or another) and Sending A Wave, a Firefly podcast which is more about the fandom than the show now, but it’s a lot of fun.  I think that this community could produce something almost as good, and that is one of the long term goals.
  So what can you do? Spread the word, that’s what.  If you a reading this then you probably have friends that might want to read it too.   Share it with them, get them involved too.  I know it will start very slowly, but eventually, with some momentum behind up, Project Geek could become a meeting place – a Geek Network.  Any help would be appreciated.
  Finally, obviously, my surname is not Geek, it’s actually Greek, but it seemed like too good an opportunity to miss.

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